When i was a teenager in the mid 80's this was a very familiar saying and was included on many inner sleeves and adverts and basically it was saying that the music business was struggling because of this practice.

At the same time when I went to the many many gigs I travelled around to I was searched for any recording devices in case I or anyone else was thinking of recording the event or taking any pictures - remember the huge stalls of dodgy cassettes of usually poor quality recordings of hundreds and hundreds of live gigs on market stalls and record fairs!

This got me thinking about how times have really changed so much,in reality the 80's period were a huge boom time for much of the music industry and how many record companies that still exist would love to have any of that success nowadays.

In the next few weeks we will start putting free all age instore live events in our shop and totally opposite to my teenage experiences we will want people to be taking as many photos and videos as possible and sharing them as much as they can across social media and any other means!

Home taping is killing music! - I don't think so!!