Jungle's debut, self titled album is a brilliant debut. Hotly anticipated by a few members of staff this album is likely to be the sound of the summer. Funk, Soul, Dance, Pop amongst other influences, it is full of songs likely to be booming out of DJ sets up and down the country all summer. The band have become an internet sensation too with their music videos featuring some slick dance routines from some exceptional dancers making this one of the most anticipated albums of the year so far. Another fantastic XL Records release! Available on bothVinyl and CD online now and in store from Monday.



Last year Fink released one of my albums of the year when he teamed up with the Royal Concert Gebouw Orchestra live in Holland. It was absolutely stunning! This album sees him return to his solo stuff, which hasn't really grabbed me in the past, but this seems to have a lot more depth and variation to it. It sounds to be a culmination of his dance music production days with his blues guitar present and it is a very high quality and interesting listen. Another great album from my favourite record label, Ninja Tune. It is available on Vinyl online now and in store from Monday and if you haven't already checked it out the last album is in stock here too, well worth checking out also!



An outbreak of twangin' meets funky drums from some unlikely artists such as Willie Nelson, Dillard and Clark, Kenny Rogers andDolly Parton. All of the individuals featured have a story to tell, whether it’s that of the sidelined session musician, the fading star or the country upstart. Country Funk is the sound of country music blending with sounds and scenes from coast to coast, white America’s heartland music blending with the melting pot as the nation assessed its identity. These were songs to make your cowboy boots itchy. Sound good? It is available on Vinyl online now and in store from Monday.