Vinyl Wants List

We are constantly buying records every day through our shop and mail order, but this is a list of our TOP wants. Please get in touch if you have any of these that you are interested in selling.

You can select any of the items you are interested in selling, and click the contact button that appears to be forwarded to the contact page with the item information.

Artist Title Label Comments Have to sell?
A To Austr Self-Titled Holyground
Agincourt Fly Away Merlin
Alco Threads Of Life Alco
Andromeda Self-Titled RCA
Andwellas Dream Love And Poetry Cbs
Anno Domini On This New Day Deram
Apple An Apple A Day Page One
Arcadium Breathe Awhile Middle Earth
Astral Navigation Self-Titled Holyground
Back Alley Choir Self-Titled York
Ben Self-Titled Swirl Vertigo
Bread Love And Dreams Amarylis Decca
Cair Paravel Some Other Morning Koala
Catapilla Changes Swirl Vertigo
Cob Moyshe Mcstiff Polydor
Complex Self-Titled Private
Comus First Utterance Dawn
Cressida Asylum Swirl Vertigo
Czar Self-Titled Fontana
Dogfeet Self-Titled Reflection
Dog That Bit People Self-Titled Parlophone
Dr Z Three Parts Swirl Vertigo
Earth And Fire Self-Titled Nepentha
Elias Hulk Unchained Youngblood
Fantasy Paint A Picture Polydor
Fire Magic Shoemaker Pye
Folkal Point Self-Titled Midas
Fresh Maggots Self-Titled RCA
Fuzzy Duck Self-Titled Mam
Gallery Wind That Shakes Midas
Ghost When You're Dead Gemini
Gnidrolog Lady Lake RCA
Grannie Self-Titled Srt
Gravy Train Ballad Of A Peaceful Man Swirl Vertigo
Nicholas Greenwood Cold Cuts Kingdom
Norman Haines Band Den Of Iniquity Parlophone
Catherine Howe What A Beautiful Place Reflection
Human Beast Volume One Decca
Ithaca A Game For All Those Private
July Self-Titled Major Minor
Jumble Lane Self-Titled Holyground
Junction 32 Self-Titled Holyground
Kaleidoscope Tangerine Dream Fontana
Kaleidoscope Faintly Blowing Fontana
Kestrel Self-Titled Cube
Koobas Self-Titled Columbia
Leafhound Growers Of Mushroom Decca
Wil Malone Self-Titled Fontana
Megaton Self-Titled Deram
Mellow Candle Swaddling Songs Deram
Mirkwood Self-Titled Flams
Moonkyte Count Me Out Mother
Billy Nicholls Would You Believe Immediate
Nite People P.M. Page One
Number Nine Bread Street Self-Titled Holyground
Oldest Profession Self-Titled Midas
Oliver Standing Stone Oliv
Open Mind Self-Titled Philips
Pussy Pussy Plays Morgan Bluetown
Raw Material Time Is Neon
Red Dirt Self-Titled Fontana
Room Pre Flight Deram
Running Man Self-Titled Neon
Sandrose Self-Titled Polydor
Sindelfingen Odgipig Private
Spirogyra Bells Boots Polydor
Spriguns Of Tolgus Jack With A Feather Alida Star
Spring Self-Titled Neon
Steel Mill Green Eyed God Penny Farthing
Still Life Self-Titled Swirl Vertigo
Tickawinda Rosemary Lane Pennine
Tudor Lodge Self-Titled Swirl Vertigo
Vashti Bunyan Just Another Diamond Day Philips
Wooden Horse 2 York
Zakarrias Self-Titled Deram

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